Bon Jovi will release a new album in early 2013

The followersof "BonJovi" arein luck,and that is that, as announcedon MondayRichieSambora,guitarist, the bandfrom New Jerseywill release anew albumin early 2013

Sambora, who saidthat this new work"sounds great,"reportedas well thathas workedclosely withthe group's leader, JonBonJovionthe album's songs."I flewto NewYorkto meet,andthathave lefta lot of greatthings,"he explains.

This announcement demonstratesonce again that,despite havingalmost thirtyyears in music,thisgroup was notout of ideasand thatare still being feltasatwentysomething, whichhave shownin a photographthat shows themin a studyrecordingand haveposted on hisTwitter profile.

However,before it reachesthenew"BonJovi"Samborawill focuson what will behissecond solo albumsince 1997,he published"UndiscoveredSoul", a work ofclassic rockwithsomecountrytouches.

Thus,the bandcontinues to prove thatthey are more alivethan ever,even thoughtheir leaderhad todispela few months agohis…

Sweden wins and Spain is tenth in a Eurovision final with few surprises

The final of Eurovision 2012, held Saturday in Baku (Azerbaijan), met forecasts: Loreen, the Swedish representative of Berber origin who had been from the start favorite in the polls, won the contest with 375 points and a theme, Euphoria, which has already become a bestseller in his country.
In second place was the babushki Buranovskiye group, known as 'Russian grandmothers', some elderly villagers who wear costumes that are more endearing tune. His song, Party for everybody, played udmurta language, aroused the applause of the audience, moved by this unusual and little Eurovision proposal from a small area of ​​the Volga Federal District. The surveys were pointed out as one of the strongest rivals.Pastora Soler, radiant and relieved
That Serbia occupied the third position with the young Zeljko Joksimovi and a classic ballad, with bursts Balkan was not, however, predicted. Nor Pastora Soler, the Spanish representative, would be among the top ten, as eventually happen…

Leonardo reveals his complex

Brown, The Da Vinci Code, whose plot is a juggling exercise innocuous compared to the real life of a man gifted crowded complexes: illegitimate son of a notary and a peasant autodidact with no academic training or access to valuable works because unknown Latin and Greek homosexual sodomy trial, perfectionist syndrome victim of the unfinished work which will be reviewed eternally condemned. And he adds Ruiz, "a spring which removed scientific criteria and advocated the experimental method, a maverick with modern proposals centuries later triumph." In short, a virtuoso who was born "prematurely".
Part of all this is clear in the imagination of Leonardo, an exhibition that will remain from yesterday until July 29 at the National Library which holds two valuable manuscripts (baptized in the sixties as Madrid I and Madrid II) and, according to the institution, representing 10% of written production is preserved throughout the world. Seen through the eyes of…

Damian Brown did not have his afternoon

An ear cut Pilar Gomez held yesterday at the bullfight at Las Ventas, a triumph that should be higher under the facilities that gave his two bulls, of Guadaira, however, only half utilized.
Gomez won the Pillar, cutting an ear, but not to the extent it should. Steers that had resounding victory were front and none foresaw that could arrive.
You remember in the future 'the winner' of the two steers that luck played in yesterday. As pastueƱos, which is to say docile, yet with 'transmission'. Nobles and very intently, ramming the bottom and repeat. Steers clear.
And not bad Gomez del Pilar, however, given that they had two absences that may be attributable to the tasks it is supposed to fit and is required to novilleros.
In the two went to the door of pens solving both the set something in a hurry. The first task was a prologue to his knees, running his hand over his right with great sufficiency, almost as if you were standing. Already in the vertical the best moments…

If I condemn exile me, says Krahe

The singerJavierKrahesaid yesterdayat the entrance ofthe Criminal CourtNo. 8Madrid,wherehe is triedfor an allegedoffense againstthe religious sentimentsofa video broadcastin 2004on "how to cooka Christfor twopersons,"that ifyou are doomed"isexiledtoFrance."

Duringthe latterwere projectedviewthe video,filmed in1978 byKrahe'and friends' inSuper 8,which tellsa "recipe"to releasea Christon a crossand cook'baconmechadosstigma"after"descostrar"image,the program'TopPlus', Canal+,issued onDecember 14, 2004.

The prosecutionaskedforthe singer's acquittalon the grounds thatthe video maybe offensive,butnot a crime.Meanwhile,private prosecutor, whodid not receive thetestimony of thecomplainant, VictorLozanoand JoseNicolas deSalas,members of the Centerfor Legal StudiesThomas Morehimselfinsisted thatKrahehad updatedthe offense toreturn to"mock"crossandCatholic beliefsin the program.

"Ihave understood,"saids…

Julia Otero comes with "Interview with the Charter"

Julia OteroThe one Spanish TV premieres on Monday May 28 "Interview with the letter" a new weekly program of interviews presented by journalist Julia Otero. Cayetano Rivera Ordonez will be the first guest. The bullfighter answer questions of a group of 12 well-known characters. "Interview with the letter", co-produced by TVE and Movistar, in collaboration with The Comet TV, will also feature the participation of the spectators.'Interview with the letter' gives a new spin on the genre. An interview celebrity celebrity guest on a first-line each week to answer questions from a group of characters well known to the viewer. These characters will make "interviewers." Their faces appear in a large semicircular screen, wrapping his presence to host and guest. Your questions will be going one by one guest's request, which will be choosing your "interviewer" without knowing what's going to ask and in what tone. The inviting ans…

Fernando Tores, We are all here on his own merits

Fernando ToresThe Spanish international Fernando Torres admitted that prior to a good end of season with Chelsea winning the FA Cup and Champions League, when he fell off the list of Vicente Del Bosque for the friendly against Venezuela, "there was a time that it was normal not to go to the Euro ".
The most difficult year Torres is closed with a prize, Del Bosque's call for Euro 2012. "It was a difficult year in which I lived through that before had not lived," he admits. "Stay out of the latest list of Vincent was hard for me, really began to understand that he was serious, he had co tightening and I was not having much time on my computer. Typically, if kept well until end of season not the Euro. When you look outside and then inside, the illusion is greater than on your first day, "he added.
Fernando Torres admits that when you see "things are happening is when you react" and his luck changed since then. "I was lucky to start …